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Brigid Meredith is a Melbourne/Naarm based artist investigating materials and their agency. Working predominantly in sculpture and painting, Meredith is interested in what these mediums have in common and how they might overlap. Can a painting be sculptural, and a sculpture painterly? 

Approaching her practice in an intuitive and expressive manner, her work is influenced by PostHumanist concepts. The human/nature binary has similarities with the object/subject binary – as one is usually dominated and subjugated by the other. Post Humanism suggests multiple ways of flattening these binaries, not only in an artistic sense but also in the social, political etc. Moving to an approach of exchange and reciprocity can have interesting and liberating effects on the material, artist and audience. By bringing together the mediums of painting and sculpture Meredith seeks to create a highly tactile encounter for the viewer that reflects these potentialities.


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